Matt's images have been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including The Globe & Mail, Monday Magazine, Northword, and more. 

caribou - low res
canvas tents and a moody sky
1000m to Oldfield
abandoned house - sepia
snow - backflip
crossing between cabins
IMG 4959
IMG 5108
IMG 5557
IMG 4912
James and Alisa's - sideview
judson at cowpuccinos
kalum lake
old trail
paddlingTugwell - a piec of paradise
Rocky Mountains 162
tatshenshini tundra
Tugwell - moonrise over Metlakatla
tyee - renny talbot
through the cow parsley - low res
backpacker edziza and the weather - low res
32. skip summit
snow - stalefish melon in the trees
author sizing up the scene
darcy approaching the glacier
exuberant author
ice cave!
windswept sky