Matt's graphic design work has been used in numerous publications and various promotional material, including tent cards, posters, t-shirts, and more. He also designs a quarterly publication, [sic] magazine. Please view the samples below and check out the link to get an idea of his style: [sic] magazine - spring 2013

tara cheyenne - brochure_Page_1
tara cheyenne - brochure_Page_2
DJ 101.indd
diamonds are forever poster - large
midsummer covers_Page_1
midsummer covers_Page_2
radio improv workshop
sic cover - front
[sic] cover - front
[sic] summer-cover
[sic] winter cover
royale2 - smaller.indd
CICK Clash - Monster Clash
Adobe Photoshop PDF
[sic] spring - cover
front - 2014
diamond ticket
business card