the continuing adventures of...

How to sum up nearly a year of work, play, and creative excursions? Well, to start with, it's been a great year for radio - I'm still working with Smithers Community Radio, both as a staff member and as host of two weekly shows. Every Tuesday morning from 9:30 to noon (PST), I host Interrobang, a program that combines books with music. I review a book, then read excerpts set to a carefully-chosen soundtrack of tunes. It's more fun and gratifying than I could ever have imagined. If you're not in Smithers, you can stream it live online, at The show has a couple of replays (Saturday and Monday evenings) and there's even a podcast I try to update regularly. My other show is called Interrobang After Dark and it's a more traditional-format music show, every Wednesday from 9 to 11 pm.

I've been writing for Northword Magazine fairly regularly, and have contributed to a couple of other magazines, including a feature in Kootenay Mountain Culture and a really fun article on animal sleep science in Muse. The KMC article focused on some super cool ski hill projects including Shames Mountain in Terrace, BC, and the Manitoba Mountain project in Alaska. It was accompanied by one of the coolest illustrations I've ever seen, a fictional ski trail map with witty names for all the runs, lodges, huts, and features. I love that magazine and am pretty happy to have had an article in there. I've also continued as editor/designer/publisher of the quarterly arts and music 'zine, [sic], here in Smithers. The latest issue (which you can read here) features interviews with a couple of new-ish bands, Pick a Piper and Suuns.

My creative non-fiction book is still in the works. I had to bump its publication a year for personal and professional reasons, the latter being that I'm not finished yet. Last summer, as part of the book's research, I went on an amazing trip to the southern Rockies that had me solo scrambling in the alpine and, in the valleys, fighting off evil hordes of mosquitoes and black flies. Oh, and a curious grizzly bear paid me an evening visit one night. I have more on-the-ground research yet to do, hopefully early this summer, after which I intend to dig in and complete the manuscript. If all goes as planned (ha!) the book should be coming out in the spring of 2014.

This is all, of course, dependent on whether I can find the time and/or avoid the distractions of music, mountain biking, and the endless perils of freelance work.

So there you have it, a quick and dirty summary of the adventures of Uncle Travelling Matt. It's always an adventure, it's always fun. Until next time.