Earlier this year, finding myself with way too much time on my hands (ha!) I took on a project for CICK, Smithers Community Radio. The idea: develop a 'zine, something like what you'd find on a cool university campus or alongside Exclaim! magazine in a stack of free music mags. The focus was on radio, music, art, and local culture. With the efforts of volunteers and the contributions of many writers and illustrators, I coordinated the inaugural issue of [sic]. It came out in March 2012 and was pretty successful, given that copies seemed to disappear from the several location around town where we left them. There were some glaring spelling errors that I am embarrassed to admit were my fault, as editor, but on the whole, I think the publication was pretty damn good. And now it's time to do another one. But before I move on to the summer issue, I thought I'd stick a PDF copy of the spring issue right here, for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy!

[sic]: a magazine from Smithers Community Radio | spring 2012